Network Services

Get and stay connected with fast and reliable network services, including CDN and load balancing services

Whether you’re serving up lots of content, have unpredictable network traffic or want to leverage the IoT as part of a digital transformation initiative, we can deliver reliable low-latency connectivity even in second- and third-tier markets.

Your business objectives define your network connectivity needs

No two businesses have the same requirements

No two businesses have the same requirements

We provision your bandwidth solution from a spectrum of scalable services over a variety of multi-homed network infrastructures, ranging from wireless and telco-provided circuits to leading-edge optical fiber connectivity solutions.

Manage costs and redundancy with a variety of carriers

With multiple high-quality options available, you are able to choose the ideal solution for your needs in a carrier-neutral setting. Because you are not limited to one service provider, you are able to manage costs efficiently and enable redundancy.

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Blended internet bandwidth

We use multiple Tier 1 ISPs to prevent one outage from stopping traffic.


We provide first-hop redundancy and redundant hand-offs inside the data center.


Keep committed rates low and maintain the ability to burst as needed.

and visibility

View usage in the TierPoint Portal to predict patterns and overages.

Connect between our data centers with Interconnect Express

Create a high-performing network across data centers

Establishing multiple or remote data center operations can improve business continuity and put the data closer to your users. Interconnect Express provides high-performance managed bandwidth between our nationwide network of TierPoint data centers.

Create a high-performing network across data centers


Improve performance and reliability for remote users

Placing computing resources close to your users can decrease latency and improve their experience. Interconnect Express lets you directly connect your TierPoint data centers even in second- and third-tier markets with SLAs of up to 100%.

24×7 performance monitoring

Our team of experts proactively manages and monitors connections.

Transparent manageability

Self-monitor your network connections through the TierPoint Portal.

Fast and easy deployment

Avoid a slow network buildout and put your strategic plans in motion.

Integrated support services

Leverage one provider for your cloud, colocation, and network assets.

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Take a look at what we have to offer

We put the specs for each of our data centers online, so you can narrow your choices to specific geographies or capabilities.

Find a data center

Confidently leverage public clouds with Cloud Connect Express

Create a low-latency connection between resources

Create low-latency, secure connections between resources

Bypass the internet with a private, segmented network connection to securely connect Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud resources with resources in TierPoint data centers for more reliable replication, user experiences, and data access.

Amplify business agility with rapid deployment and 24×7 service

Cloud Connect Express lets you skip the delay of a months-long network buildout and launch your dedicated cloud connectivity faster – in as little as 5-10 business days. TierPoint manages procurement, initial implementation, equipment, and monitoring for you.


Increase throughput

Transfer data directly and avoid internet congestion and packet loss.

Simplify complexity

Easily connect to public clouds from any TierPoint data center.

Choose an expert provider

We embrace public cloud services, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions.

Create secure connections

Keep your network traffic secure through private segmented connections.

Managed Load-Balancing Services optimize network performance

Scale to meet your network performance requirements

Load-balancing spreads workloads across your network, maximizing asset utilization, and ensuring optimal performance. Our Load-Balancing Services are available in scalable configurations, so you can tailor a solution to your performance requirements.

Scale to meet your network performance requirements

Balance workloads across your entire network

TierPoint’s Global Load-Balancing Services balance workloads across your entire network–cloud and on-premises–using a DNS-based solution that balances application traffic based on dimensions such as geographic proximity and infrastructure health.

Prioritize vital traffic

Create rules that govern how traffic is handled based on origination.

Choose the best approach

Leverage virtual or physical appliances for Layer 7 load-balancing.

Configurable performance

Services are available through either 1G or 10G ethernet interfaces.

Maintain availability

A high-availability configuration is optional to maintain reliability.

Cross connects provide redundant, carrier-diverse connectivity

Choose your preferred providers and speeds

Choose your preferred providers and speeds

Many of our data centers have five or more on-net providers. A cross-connect is the key to allowing your network to access their internet, private line, and other network services. We offer several types of industry-standard cross-connects.

Enhance disaster recovery and business continuity

Downtime is expensive, so it’s not a good idea to rely on just one carrier. Connecting to multiple carriers improves uptime and recoverability. Increase your resiliency and ability to survive carrier outages unscathed.

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Low-latency connections

Physical cabling allows for a low-latency, direct dedicated connection.

Fast and easy set-up

Structured cabling systems let you connect to new carriers quickly.

Easy portal management

Quickly place new cross-connect orders with Cross-Connect Express.

Your choice of cabling

Copper or fiber (single- or multi-mode) options are available.

Create a superior experience
with a Content Delivery Network

Attract more customers with a reliable, faster website

Corporate websites that use lots of videos, images or large files can be slow to load. Content Delivery Network (CDN) services from TierPoint can accelerate page loading, so you don’t lose potential customers before you even get the chance to engage.

Be ready when that amazing promotion goes viral

Does a flash sale or a great new promotion suddenly have everyone beating down your (virtual) doors? CDNs help your network handle unpredictable increases in load, so your customers get the same great user experience they’ve come to expect.

Reduce hardware investments

Use fewer servers and create redundancy without adding hardware.


Cache images and graphics in the CDN, so websites load even faster.


A massively distributed infrastructure absorbs unexpected load spikes.


Defend against an array of attacks without compromising performance.

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