IT Security Compliance Services

Be proactive: conquer compliance and security concerns

Cybercriminals are constantly changing tactics. A multilayered approach is your best defense against next-generation threats. Our IT security services let you customize your security solution to safeguard each layer within your environment.

DDoS Mitigation reduces risk, strengthens compliance


Don’t get caught with your defenses down

DDoS attacks are wreaking havoc on businesses of all types. These malicious attacks can degrade performance or bring down your entire IT infrastructure. DDoS mitigation services reduce attacks at the network, server and application layers.

Compliance requires a strong DDoS defense

Cybercriminals use DDoS attacks as cover, distracting your attention while they roam through your systems collecting sensitive data. If you’re covered by regulations like HIPAA and PCI DSS, you need to protect your systems against this growing threat.

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Detect attacks—fast

Real-time detection and automated mitigation begins within minutes.

Segregate bad traffic

Enterprise-grade scrubbing centers quickly quarantine malicious traffic.

Stay up and running

Multi-layered protection ensures uptime even when under attack.

Monitor your defenses

Monitor your security performance through the TierPoint Portal.

Secure your applications with a Web Application Firewall

Deploy applications in the cloud quickly and securely

Businesses move applications online to improve productivity and agility, raising new security and compliance challenges. A Web Application Firewall blocks attacks at the perimeter to ensure reliable and secure delivery of critical web applications.

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Protect against unknown web application weaknesses

Attacks at the application layer often go undetected by traditional security tools. A Web Application Firewall provides application-specific defense mechanisms that are purpose-built to protect web-facing applications from advanced threats.

Stop emerging threats

Protect applications from availability and web-based attacks.

Minimize false positives

Advanced machine-learning algorithms accurately identify attacks.

Predict the next attack

Automated creation of custom policies provides timely threat defense.

Define your unique policies

Configure customized access policies designed for your business.

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Protect Borderless Networks

Learn why IT organizations need a new model for security.

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Managed Next Generation Firewall Services provide continuous protection

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Security solutions as dynamic as your environment

Businesses can’t afford to slow down to check that their network is secure every time their needs change. TierPoint’s CleanIP™ next generation firewall services grow with you. So go ahead and set the pace. We’ll keep up.

Get advanced protection without the hassle or the overhead

Our certified security experts will work with you to tailor a CleanIP firewall solution that meets your performance and protection requirements. Then we’ll deliver proactive management to ensure your networks remain secure against constantly changing threats.

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Rapid intelligent response

Dedicated security teams ensure quick identification and resolution.

Next-generation hardware

Solutions built on the latest hardware provide optimal performance.

Custom service and support

Flexible options cover incident escalation and response for your needs.

Advanced options

Add options to ensure you get the solution you need without overpaying.

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Want to secure your enterprise with less complexity and more visibility?

CleanIP™ by TierPoint – Managed Next-Gen Firewall

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Remain vigilant with CleanIP Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Your greatest weaknesses are those you don’t know about

Cybercrime is on the rise, and safeguards you previously put in place may not be enough to protect your IT systems against today’s threats. XDR provides a holistic view of the entire IT environment and integrated response options. Coupled with a daily review of all events by an experienced team of SOC analysts, internal and external threats are identified faster; before they result in an infection or data breach.


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A strong security posture requires a proactive approach

The least defensible IT security breaches are those that remain undetected. Our architects and engineers leverage a security-first approach that helps ensure your data is secure by design. TierPoint CleanIP™ XDR is a unified security incident detection and response platform that brings together visibility and correlation with security analysts and engineers providing SOC (Security Operations Center) services.

Increase visibility

Gain a holistic view of the entire IT environment and integrated response options.

Detect threats faster

Identify internal and external threats faster with a patented and distributed correlation engine.

Expert response

Benefit from a world-class SOC team that provides in-depth response guidance on incidents and can be consulted in real-time.

Unified view

Consolidate multiple security products into a cohesive security incident detection & response platform, all managed by our team of experts.

Want to detect, respond to, and remediate threats faster?

CleanIP Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

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Endpoint and Encryption Services keep prying eyes off your data

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Guard against unintentional internal security breaches

Role-based access policies let you control who, what, where, when and how your systems can be accessed. You rest easy, knowing users have access to the systems and information they need to do their job but aren’t wandering into areas they shouldn’t.

Meet and exceed your users’ performance expectations

Delight your internal users with encryption that doesn’t impact system performance, or require an investment in additional compute resources. A distributed agent-based deployment eliminates the bottlenecks that plague proxy-based encryption solutions.

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Agile enough for hybrid IT

Protect your data wherever it resides, including in the public cloud.

Simplified deployment

Use encryption and access controls with no re-engineering or re-coding.

Compliant and secure

Adhere to best practices for data privacy mandates with managed antivirus and multifactor authentication.

Spot potential problems

Audit logs of all access attempts identify internal security threats.

We make security and compliance part of everything we do

There’s no compliance without securing your systems first

Most regulations and industry standards mandate data security. That’s why we put security first in all our managed services. Together with services such as hosted private clouds and colocation, our proactive security services make compliance easier.

TierPoint helps ensure regulatory compliance for businesses and organizations in diverse industries, by providing secure and compliant data center services. With increasingly complex governance, regulation, and compliance rules, organizations are under intense scrutiny and pressure to protect sensitive data. TierPoint’s data center compliance certifications, attestations and registrations include:

ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type II & SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, PCI DSS v3.2.1, NIST SP 800-53, SOC 2 + HITRUST, ITAR, and Privacy Shield.

Furthermore, TierPoint provides resources to help you achieve and maintain compliance for your organization. Work with our experts to design a customized solution that will help meet your compliance requirements, including the following frameworks, rules and regulations:

CJIS, HIPAA, PCI-DSS 3.2.1, ITAR, IRS PUB 1075, SOC1, SOC 2, NIST 800-53, FISMA, NERC, NIST 800-171/CMMC, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), California Privacy (CCPA and CPRA) and other State privacy laws, FINRA and Privacy Shield/GDPR.

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Supplement your internal team with the skills you need

Compliance can be challenging for organizations to handle with in-house staff alone. Augment your IT staff with certified information security professionals who have security and compliance expertise across a wide range of industries and IT environments.

Standards compliant

Facilities are certified under SSAE 18 SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS and more.

Audit-ready support

Receive support for audits and assistance meeting regulatory demands.

Team of experts

Our team has certifications and expertise with a wide range of published standards.

Customizable compliance

Security solutions can be configured to meet your compliance needs.

Request a Security Audit

Make sure you have the right mix of solutions to secure your workloads and data.

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