White Star Petroleum Utilizes TierPoint Cloud

White Star Petroleum started business operations almost overnight with uncertainty about how quickly and to what extent growth would occur. The company began to look at TierPoint’s cloud as a way to create a scalable computing solution that would accommodate growth at any rate and allow them to function with an initial minimal IT staff.

The TierPoint Cloud is a shared pool of computing and service resources that can be customized for each business need. These resources are elastic and can grow or shrink based on utilization and computing requirements. White Star Petroleum saw the cloud as a way to meet the challenge of beginning their start-up enterprise with dynamic computing resources that could quickly change. They needed a quick, cost-effective solution to get computing resources that could scale with the growth of their company.

White Star Petroleum selected the TierPoint cloud because of TierPoint’s reputation. They knew TierPoint’s team of network, security and cloud engineers would work closely with their new staff to craft a custom solution that would fit their IT needs. Because they were a new company, it was important that the solution be flexible as their company grew, yet met all their initial computing needs.

TierPoint’s cloud services are operated in SAS70 and SSAE 16 certified data center facilities that are owned and operated by TierPoint. The underlying cloud infrastructure provided the necessary redundancies in terms of power, switches/firewalls, storage, hosts, connectivity and a virtualized optimized backup system.

TierPoint assisted White Star Petroleum in the process of planning cloud resources powered by VMWare. The TierPoint solution also included managing new servers, purchasing and installing hardware solutions, software installation/configuration and connectivity to the newly implemented cloud, in addition to planning for the implementation.

“TierPoint’s cloud infrastructure was the perfect solution for our company,” said Mike Mannschreck, IT Director, White Star Petroleum. “The speed of deployment and the ease of implementation couldn’t have been better.”

White Star Petroleum was able to start operation as planned and remain dynamic as the company grew. The quick implementation of TierPoint’s cloud allowed business operations to begin quickly and computing resources to grow with the company. Since the initial implementation, the company has grown to need a hybrid solution which includes TierPoint’s cloud as well as their own hardware infrastructure.

All the virtualized workloads have functioned without incident and are meeting the performance and functionality required. The TierPoint cloud proved to be the perfect fit for White Star Petroleum to start their rapidly growing company.

“TierPoint’s cloud infrastructure was the perfect solution for our company. The speed of deployment and the ease of implementation couldn’t have been better.”
Mike Mannschreck

IT Director, White Star Petroleum


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Business start-up needed computing resources quickly, but also needed to maintain the ability to let those resources grow and scale as their company grew quickly.

A TierPoint private cloud solution allowed them to remain in compliance with auditors and investors while still providing computing resources that grew as they need them.

The private cloud solution allowed them to quickly deploy computing resources and reduce costs on hardware capex outlay.