Rochen Colocates Servers at TierPoint

Rochen provides shared web hosting, managed servers and managed cloud servers to over 7,000 customers in over 60 countries. Founded in the United Kingdom, the company serves a diverse clientele, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Rochen focuses on reliable service and high-performance delivery of client web sites, with support for dynamic applications such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

“Our customers – especially our larger enterprise customers – depend on us for high availability and continuous uptime of their web sites and virtualized data,” explains Chris Adams, Founder and CEO of Rochen. “Our success is due to our focus on customer support, and our investment in the best possible infrastructure.” Adams set out to find the ideal colocation and managed services provider in the U.S. to meet his business needs, including the launch of Rochen’s new cloud-computing platform.

Adams looked at several large U.S. data centers and consulted with numerous providers before choosing TierPoint’s Dallas facility. In selecting a U.S. provider, Rochen chose TierPoint’s Dallas data center based on power redundancy, premium network architecture, and 24/7 on-site support.

In addition to its infrastructure and support services, Adams chose the Dallas facility based on its central location away from the coasts. The city is out of hurricane pathways, but is also a hub for connectivity.

Rochen recently launched a cloud-computing platform called Managed Cloud Servers. To support this initiative, the company took advantage of the fully-redundant and higher voltage 208V A/B 2N power configuration in TierPoint’s data center. The dual circuit power supply ensures continuous availability for client applications and data on Rochen’s cloud, while providing premium operating conditions for Rochen’s servers.

“A cloud environment needs to be self-healing and fully redundant,” Adams explains, “Many hosting providers who offer cloud services often overlook the underlying infrastructure redundancy like power.”

“The fact that TierPoint offers various power configurations has been helpful to us,” Adams adds. “Our current power supplies enable us to deploy at a much higher density. We can put more servers in a single cabinet while maintaining full redundancy.”

In terms of connectivity, Rochen employs redundant fiber handoffs from TierPoint’s premium network architecture. In the event of a router failure, the network will automatically switch Rochen’s connectivity over to a secondary fiber route, ensuring continuity of Rochen’s hosting and virtualization services.

Beyond connectivity, power and redundancy, Adams believes that quality of support sets TierPoint apart from other data center providers.

“Early on in our business, we made a critical decision that Rochen would own and manage its entire infrastructure instead of simply renting servers from a larger data center,” says Chris Adams. “With Managed Remote Hands, TierPoint is able to provide us with a level of support that larger data center companies aren’t capable of giving to their clients.”

TierPoint’s 24/7 on-site data center staff enables Rochen to schedule maintenance windows for its customers during off-peak hours, to ensure minimal disruption of its web hosting services. Also, Adams appreciates the cost effectiveness of TierPoint’s Remote Hands service, which is billed in 15 minute increments — not the one-hour minimum required by many data center providers.

“The TierPoint on-site staff has been great to work with,” says Adams. “We would never consider going to a larger provider because we couldn’t get the responsive and professional support that TierPoint’s personnel provide for us. We’re committed to providing our customers with extremely high quality service and TierPoint is a vital part of delivering on that promise.”

“The numbers speak for themselves,” says Adams. “Rochen started with a single cabinet at TierPoint, and we now have a larger cage area and our own on-site office. The overall combination of performance, high availability and capacity along with the redundancy of the architecture is very important to us. TierPoint has been a great partner in helping us grow.”

“We’re committed to providing our customers with extremely high quality service and TierPoint is a vital part of delivering on that promise.”
Chris Adams

Founder & CEO, Rochen


Website Hosting & Cloud Computing

Colocation & Managed Services

Rochen’s business objective was to own and manage their own servers in a secure, reliably powered data center facility that would provide high connectivity, 24/7 availability and remote hands support.

Colocation in TierPoint’s Dallas data center provided the uptime, security, power density and personalized support needed to optimize customer website performance and deploy cloud-computing services.

Rochen has expanded from a single cabinet to a larger cage. They now provide shared web hosting and managed cloud servers to over 7,000 customers in over 60 countries.